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It took more than two decades, but Eddie Vedder has finally given one fan his long-awaited photo. 

Joe Wolfe tells he ran into the Pearl Jam frontman and his bandmates back in 1992 at a movie theater in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Wolfe didn't get a picture with the group before they went in to see Wayne's World, but Vedder promised to pose for a photo the next time they met. 

Well, fast forward 22 years to Pearl Jam's gig in Cincinnati earlier this month, and Wolfe and Vedder finally met up again! The rocker posed for a photo with Wolfe after the concert, and even threw in a bonus guitar pick and autograph. 

Eddie explained the story during a concert, and why he denied him the photo all those years ago in the first place! Check it out below (*Warning: Some explicit language).

Photo: Getty Images