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San Francisco has a major problem with Justin Bieber after sidewalk graffiti pieces promoting his new album, Purpose, have failed to wash off after several recent rainstorms.

On Monday (December 28), city attorney Dennis Herrera sent a letter to Universal Music Group to determine who is responsible for the artwork since it appears to have been created with spray paint. In contrast, recent sidewalk marketing campaigns have used chalk for, well, obvious reasons. 

Public works crews did some of the dirty work by removing portions of the graffiti, but no word on how much it has cost to perform the tasks. It's not in just one neighborhood either. Herrera said that the Purpose graffiti has been found in Haight-Ashbury among other areas.

"This prohibited marketing practice illegally exploits our city's walkable neighborhoods and robust tourism, intentionally creates visual distractions that pose risks to pedestrians on busy rights of way, and irresponsibly tells our youth that likeminded lawlessness and contempt for public property are condoned and encouraged by its beneficiaries," Herrera wrote in the letter.

Looks like you have one more person to say sorry to, Bieber.

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