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It happened. It FINALLY happened! Taylor Swift and bestie Karli Kloss are on the cover of Vogue ... TOGETHER. And their photo spread inside is the most adorable BFF adventure you will ever see. #BestieGoals

Vogue posted the cover to their Instagram along with the caption, "Mega BFFs @taylorswift and @karliekloss went on a Malibu road trip - and took us along for the ride."

We're jealous, Vogue. Extremely JEALOUS.

Their Malibu road trip photos show Taylor and Karlie (Taylie?) having fun doing all your typical BFF stuff. They take selfies in their luxurious camper, go for a joyride along the scenic coast in their vintage convertible with the top down, read a book and pose seductively, dance in the sunlight wearing insanely gorgeous dresses ... and our personal favorite, sing songs and bake cookies.

Check out Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss' full BFF Vogue photo shoot HERE.

In an accompanying video from Vogue, Taylor and Karlie also have an arm wrestling competition! Can you guess who won? Find out below: