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Taylor Swift does a fantastic job of pulling off that vintage/retro beauty she is known for ... and she embraces that on People's 40th anniversary cover!

Taylor looks stunning in an Old Hollywood glam hair 'do, biting a pearl necklace, which resembles Mia Farrow's March 1974 cover. Taylor even wears an outfit similar to Mia's!

In the issue, Taylor opens up about just what her priorities are and what's most important to her. She tells People, "The last couple of years have been about defining life on my own terms." She continues, "Being on my own, prioritizing my girlfriends, my family and my music above everything else and trying things I never thought I'd try."

Taylor says of all the changes she's made, "It's really been a liberating and freeing time."

On embracing the single life, Taylor tells the magazine, "I made the decision to spend time on my own and figure out who I am." She goes on, "When you take the other person out of the scenario and you're walking through life on your own, you end up figuring out what you actually like without anyone else's input." 

You GO, girl! Shake it off!