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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is doing her version of sexy for the new cover of Rolling Stone.  The star poses in a soaking wet, white tank top and jeans on the beach for the latest issue, and says she's won't be "taking it off" any time soon. 

In the wake of the massive iCloud hacking, the 24-year-old says she's aware that there are people who would profit from getting compromising photos of her.  She says it "scares" her "how valuable" a video of her in a dressing room would be, and that she feels "sad" having to check for cameras in public places and even keep the windows in her own home closed for privacy.  

Taylor also discusses her matured outlook on life explored in her upcoming album 1989. This time, it's not her ex-boyfriends she's targeting.  Taylor says she's written a song called "Bad Blood," which is about her rivalry with an unidentified former female friend.  She also talks about her strong female friendships, which are helping her to explore bold new moves in her life and her music. 

Photo: Rolling Stone