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Taylor Swift has a belly button and she's no longer afraid to show it!

While vacationing in Maui with some of her besties - Alana, Danielle and Este of HAIM - Taylor posted several photos on Instagram, including a full bikini shot! That's right, Taylor has a belly button, not a blank space!

See the evidence:

Greetings from Maui! @haimtheband

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Taylor's belly button has been a topic of conversation on the web for a while now.

In The December/January issue of Lucky mag, Taylor said, "I don’t like showing my belly button. When you start showing your belly button then you’re really committing to the midriff thing. I only partially commit to the midriff thing—you’re only seeing lower rib cage. I don’t want people to know if I have one or not."

She added, "I want that to be a mystery. As far as anyone knows based on my public appearances, they haven’t seen evidence of a belly button. It could be pierced. They have no idea. If I’m going to get some sort of massive tattoo, it’s going to be right next to my belly button because no one’s ever going to see that."

Well folks, the mystery has finally been solved! Taylor does, in fact, have a belly button. It's not pierced. It's not next to a tattoo. It's the kind of belly button that never goes out of style. 

See more pics from Taylor's Hawaiian vacay with HAIM below!

Hiking with the Squad in Hawaii. @haimtheband

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Este-back ride. @haimtheband

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When we were whale watching and didn't see whales for 5 minutes and got all moody. @haimtheband

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YES WHALE. @haimtheband

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"She's always wearing, like, a 1950's bathing suit."

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