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Lady Gaga served up some major glam at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards, where the pop titan scored the award for best actress in a limited-series or TV movie for her role in "American Horror Story: "Hotel." However, there was something off about her glitzy appearance and that void boils down to all of her missing tattoos. 

Entertainment Tonight reported that the star enlisted her "AHS" co-worker Mike Mekash to cover up her ink, and we have to admit he did a pretty fantastic job. In fact, we can barely notice his work aside from a few measly photos floating around the blogosphere in the press room. 

"As a makeup artist in filming situations, you have the opportunity to adjust things according to lighting and body temperature. You get to look thru lens or on a monitor to make sure your work is shown in the best light," the artist reportedly said about the singer's missing tats. 

"In the real world sometimes you just have to trust your instinct. My gut instinct told me to match her skin tone at the time I applied the Makeup to her body. And as I did this I took photos to make sure the camera didn't see something I could not with the naked eye. They looked great and she was on her way."

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