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Farrah Abraham landed in the emergency room after a cosmetic procedure to enhance her lips went terribly wrong. The “Teen Mom” star took to Twitter on Tuesday to share photos of her cartoonishly enlarged lips.

"Girlfriends don't say I didn't warn ya!" she tweeted, using the hashtags, "#BOTCHED California #ER #fixit." Abraham continued to poke fun of her duck pout by posting a hilarious side-by-side pic of herself and Leela from the animated series "Futurama." "Gotta love my new look," she wrote.

According to TMZ, Abraham was having an implant placed inside her lip and may have had a severe allergic reaction to the anesthetic that was injected into her face before the procedure. Abraham is no stranger to plastic surgery. She first had a breast augmentation in 2011, and a year later she paid $16,000 for a nose job and chin implant.

Abraham received tremendous backlash in 2013 after she blogged about trying to wax her toddler Sophia’s eyebrows. She later defended her decision on Bethenny Frankel’s since-canceled talk show, noting, "After that whole situation in the media, I actually got a lot of fan mail from girls who were younger, who did have unibrows, and they only wished that their moms would have helped them."

Check out the photos of Farrah Abraham's lips below!