(NEWSER) – Matt Salmon's job was to show up at the San Tan Charter School and give a fun civics lesson to curious second- and third-graders.

But the Arizona congressman's appearance last week veered off the topic of vetoes—using the Iran nuclear deal as an example, which the Washington Post notes was "pretty heavy for this demographic, no?"—and got into something that, ostensibly, he thought kids could relate to. Per KPHO, after asking kids, "Do you know what a nuclear weapon is?" Salmon continued, "Do you know that there are schools that train children your age to be suicide bombers?" The principal sent a letter to parents afterward, noting he tried to turn the tide to a Q&A "to divert the conversation," but that "the topic again turned to ISIS and terrorists"—at which point another adult thanked Salmon for coming and ended the event, the Post reports.


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