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President Obama is calling attention to a "pervasive unease" in the world.  Addressing the UN General Assembly, the President cited growing anxiety over new dangers, including the rise of ISIS, Russian aggression in Ukraine and the growing Ebola outbreak.  Obama said the world is at a crossroads between "war and peace, between disorder and integration  --  between fear and hope."  Still, he called this the best time in human history to be born.  

The President argued that the international community must come together and act more aggressively to curb an undertow of instability.  He said much of the current instability is being caused by violent extremism.  Obama called it a cancer and said the brutality of ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq is forcing the international community to look into the "heart of darkness."  He also condemned Russia's incursions in Ukraine and said bigger nations should not be allowed to bully smaller countries.  

Obama talked about the summer's bloody dispute in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.  He called it an unsustainable situation and said a two-state solution between Israelis and the Palestinians is the best way to achieve long term peace.  The President also noted the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri after an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by a white police officer.  He said the U.S. is not perfect and insisted that America welcomes international scrutiny.