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The members of Primal Scream are mourning the loss of their "comrade and brother," Robert Young. 

According to The Guardian, the group's former guitarist nicknamed "Throb" was found dead in his apartment in Sussex, England Tuesday at the age of 49.  No cause of death was given, but authorities are not treating it as suspicious. 

Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie and guitarist Andrew Innes released a statement calling Young a "beautiful and deeply soulful man" and a "true rock and roller." 

Young started as the bassist for Primal Scream in 1984.  He eventually switched to guitar, and stayed with the band until 2006.  The reason for his departure was never made public, although Gillespie told The Independent at the time that Young had "some problems" he had to "sort out for himself."  Gillespie added, "I'd like Throbert to be alive.  I'd like him to be well.  I'd like him to be happy." 

In their new statement, Gillespie and Innes say Young was "an irreplaceable talent, much admired by his peers."  Many of those peers have come out to send their thoughts to the guitarist's family, including Liam Gallagher.  The former Oasis frontman tweeted "RIP Robert Young AKA Throb. Live Forever." 

Young on the cover of the band's 1990 single, "Come Together."