Warning: This article contains spoilers about 'Making A Murderer'

(WISN) The tenth and final episode of Making a Murderer concludes the series just as the first episode opened it—with portions of interviews with Steven Avery, his mother, his father, his defense attorneys, his civil attorneys, his cousin, and upwards of a dozen more people who would be expected to stand up for him and portray his murder conviction in the most sympathetic light.

In fact, of all the people interviewed in Episode 10, only one—Brendan Dassey’s public defender, Len Kachinsky—could possibly be considered to be at all unconvinced of Avery’s and Dassey’s innocence.  

And he gets about a sentence.

Dan O’Donnell is a non-practicing lawyer and radio journalist at WISN, iHeartMedia’s News/Talk station in Wisconsin, who has a unique perspective on the case. Dan was assigned to cover Avery from his release in 2003 through his (and his nephew's) conviction in 2007. While he doesn’t make much of an appearance in the documentary, “Making a Murderer” has had a profound impact on Dan - particularly, due to its bias. And so, Dan is doing what any lawyer would do in the courtroom - rebut the case presented in the Netflix documentary. 

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