(WISN) On February 12th, 2007 The eyes of the entire state were transfixed on a small courtroom in Chilton.  But Episode 5 of Making a Murderer begins earlier, as Steven Avery’s attorneys argue to have admitted into evidence a vial of Avery’s blood that they claimed the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department may have used to plant Avery’s DNA in Teresa Halbach’s RAV4.

This was bombshell evidence.  Remember, when he found it, Avery’s attorney Jerome Buting called it a “red letter day for the defense.”

“The State clearly was freaked out,” he recalls.  “Norm Gahn looks at it, and from that point on, you could tell that he was extremely worried.  “Afterwards, Norm said, "This changes everything.

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Dan O’Donnell is a non-practicing lawyer and radio journalist at WISN, iHeartMedia’s News/Talk station in Wisconsin, who has a unique perspective on the case. Dan was assigned to cover Avery from his release in 2003 through his (and his nephew's) conviction in 2007. While he doesn’t make much of an appearance in the documentary, “Making a Murderer” has had a profound impact on Dan - particularly, due to its bias. And so, Dan is doing what any lawyer would do in the courtroom - rebut the case presented in the Netflix documentary.