Warning: This article contains spoilers about 'Making A Murderer'

(WISN) Making a Murderer’s ninth episode opens with Steven Avery’s defense attorney, Jerome Buting, making yet another claim that his client was framed.

“Well, if they framed Steven Avery, the question is, is Brendan's case a whole charade too?” he asks rhetorically.  “I mean, that's ultimately gonna be the question. Is his jury gonna believe that he confessed to a crime he never even commit, a murder he never committed?”

This is the toughest question for both Dassey and the series to answer: Why would he confess to a murder he didn’t commit; a murder that, he claims, never happened at all?

Because, of course, of the conspiracy against his Uncle Steven, which culminated in his murder conviction because of a jury that really wanted to acquit but was brow-beaten into a guilty verdict by two or three jurors who were biased for the prosecution.

This was the allegation of Richard Mahler, an Avery juror who was dismissed four hours into deliberations, at the end of Episode 8 of Making a Murderer.  Where do we find him at the beginning of Episode 9?

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Dan O’Donnell is a non-practicing lawyer and radio journalist at WISN, iHeartMedia’s News/Talk station in Wisconsin, who has a unique perspective on the case. Dan was assigned to cover Avery from his release in 2003 through his (and his nephew's) conviction in 2007. While he doesn’t make much of an appearance in the documentary, “Making a Murderer” has had a profound impact on Dan - particularly, due to its bias. And so, Dan is doing what any lawyer would do in the courtroom - rebut the case presented in the Netflix documentary. 

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