Turkish F16 jets refuelling show


(NEWSER) – An F-16 fighter pilot's aircraft suffered a fuel system malfunction at perhaps the worst possible time—flying over ISIS-held territory—but the crew of a military refueling tanker stuck with him, likely saving his life, the Air Force Times reports.

"Knowing the risks to their own safety, they put the life of the F-16 pilot first and made what could've been an international tragedy a feel-good news story," Air Force Lt. Col. Eric Hallberg says, per apress release. In the incident that reportedly happened last year, a KC-135 Stratotanker, which can haul up to 200,000 pounds of fuel, was topping off A-10s in the unidentified region when the F-16 came along to gas up. But though the F-16 was supposed to take in 2,500 pounds of fuel, a "pressure disconnect" issue wouldn't allow more than 500 pounds.

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Photo: Getty Images