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YouTube has released their list of Top Ten viral videos of 2014 (based on views, comments, etc.), and it includes the funniest, cutest, mind-boggling (we're looking at you bendable iPhone 6 Plus), and heart-warming videos of the year.

Whether you remember all of these or not, chances are you've seen most of them in your Facebook and Twitter Timelines at some point during this year -- maybe you even shared some of them! 

Take a look at YouTube's Top Ten Viral Videos of 2014 below.

1. "Mutant Giant Spider Dog" (SA Wardega)
Over 115 million views

2. "Nike Football: Winner Stays"
Over 99 million views

Over 94 million views

4. "Sister Christina Scuccia on 'The Voice Italy'"
Over 66 million views

5. "iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test"
Over 59 million views

6. "Bars & Melody - Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer Act"
Over 57 million views

7. "Budweiser's Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial - 'Puppy Love'"
Over 53 million views

8. "Devil Baby Attack"
Over 49 million views

9. "Goku vs. Superman. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3"
Over 41 million views

10. "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman"
37 million views

Photo: YouTube