NLCS: Houston Astros v St. Louis Cardinals - Game 6newser

(NEWSER) – The FBI and the Justice Department are delving into what's beginning to look like something of a Watergate for Major League Baseball: The New York Times reports today on an investigation into whether the Houston Astros got hacked—by none other than front-office officials from the St. Louis Cardinals. The suspected goal of what Deadspin notes may become "one of the biggest and weirdest scandals in baseball history": to take successful Astros' GM Jeff Luhnow (an ex-Cardinals exec) down a notch. Player personnel info, scouting reports, and internal trade discussions were all said to be compromised in the 2013 hack, which the Times says "did not appear to be sophisticated," per law enforcement sources.

Subpoenas for electronic correspondence have been served to the Cardinals and MLB. The league "has been aware of and has fully cooperated with the federal investigation into the illegal breach," a spokesman for MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement, per the Times.

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