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Miami Beach Police are officially declaring the reports of shots fired at Lil Wayne's Florida mansion a hoax. 

The MBPD tweeted an update Wednesday afternoon saying "unfortunately this appears to be a 'Swatting' call.  No victims/no injuries/no subject at 94 LaGorce." The department added that it handles all calls of this nature in "a serious manner" but in this case it appears to have been a hoax at Lil Wayne's home.

The rap star posted a photo of himself at a recording studio earlier after his Young Money record label tweeted that he was okay and not at home during the "alleged events." 


(TMZ) - Police are rushing to Lil Wayne's Miami Beach mansion after someone called the cops and said they intended to start a firefight with officers and shots had already been fired, reports TMZ.

According to TMZ, Miami PD have raced to the home on ritzy La Gorce Island right now ... and have set up a perimeter.

The bizarre report comes 11 days after police raced to the home to check on a report of a suspicious person lurking outside the home. Cops let the guy go because when they arrived he was on public property.  

As for today's incident ... TMZ reports Wayne is in Miami but is not at home.

TMZ says Police now believe this might be a case of "swatting" ... where someone places a prank emergency call in order to prompt a full force response from cops.

Story developing ...

WFOR in Miami has a life feed of the situation below:

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