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President Barack Obama’s sixth State of the Union attack is intended to cause enough disunion to help Democrats win the 2016 election.

He’ll push for huge tax increases and for more supposedly free government and company-provided services that taxpayers and fellow employees must fund, Democrats say.

He’ll argue that Democrats’ more big-government redistributionist policies can fix the wage freeze and widening income gaps that are a hallmark of his big-government, low growth Obama economy.

He’s also inviting a palette of guests to paint himself and the Democrats as the guardians of the ordinary man or woman — including the nation’s population of 12 million illegal migrants — nearly all of whom have seen their wages freeze or shrivel during his six years of economic policymaking.

He and everyone else knows that all that extra spending and regulating must be opposed by the newly elected GOP-majority Congress, which was elected on an anti-Obama, anti-Obamacare, anti-amnesty platform.

But his pitch and the GOP’s inevitable rebuff will help Democrats and the media portray the GOP as the party of greedy plutocrats, in the hope they can repeated their 2012 strategy that worked so well against former Gov. Mitt Romney.

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