Something is going on with the Internet in North Korea.  There are reports that the reclusive communist nation has experienced a total outage today.  While there's been no word on a cause, it does follow the recent cyber attack against Sony and U.S. promises to respond. 

The internet outage comes as State Department suggests that North Korea should compensate Sony after a massive cyber attack crippled the entertainment company.  In a briefing, Harf reiterated that the U.S. holds North Korea responsible for the cyber attack.  She did not suggest a compensation figure.  Harf noted that the U.S. is still weighing possible responses to the attack on Sony.  

President Obama has said a response will be "proportional" and he did not set a timetable.  Speaking cryptically, Harf said some of the U.S. response may be seen and some of it may not be seen.  North Korea has denied responsibility for the cyber attack.  

PHOTO: Getty Images