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Politicians have long warned of the threat of Islamist terrorists crossing the United States’ southern border, despite relatively little evidence that ISIS or al Qaeda or any other terrorist group is present in Mexico. But with two terror attacks this week in Canada, at least one of which was confirmed to have been carried out by an Islamist, the question now is whether the real danger to the homeland comes from the north.

In contrast to the militarized border between the United States and Mexico, the nearly 4,000-mile border between the United States and Canada is perhaps the world’s most peaceful. There’s been no significant conflict between the two sides since the War of 1812, and travelers and goods cross freely every day. But Canada has been used as a launching pad for attempted terrorist attacks against the United States, and the Department of Homeland Security has long seen the northern border as presenting “a more significant threat” than the southern.

As Garrett Graff pointed out in Politico last week, a number of jihadist plots have been hatched in Canada, most notoriously “the Millennium plot,” when an Algerian national intent on planting a bomb at Los Angeles International Airport was caught crossing the border with a truck full of explosives.

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