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If you're not an Adele fan, you are straight playin' yo'self. In fact, the Adele fandom has expanded to one of the  hottest rappers in the rap game: the one and only Rick Ross. He recently remixed her hit comeback song "Hello."

But, when the day comes that he finally meets her, he has PLANS. He revealed how he would react to meeting the superstar in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

Apparently, if Rick Ross The Boss ever met Adele, his plans involve a big smooch: 

"I love Adele. When I see her, I may kiss Adele. She speaks for so many people. When I hear her voice, I stop and make that face and say, 'What the f***, man?' I just gaze off into the sky for a second and think creatively. Even someone like myself, who's not working toward being the most beautiful voice in the world, has to recognize it. I've got a beat ready for her if I ever run across her."

Same, Rozay. Same. 


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