Rick Springfield is gearing up to perform at our iHeart80s Party this weekend on February 20th, and ahead of the show, we asked him about what he misses most about the decade -- he is responsible for one of most beloved songs of the 80s after all: "Jessie's Girl."

Springfield will be performing along with several other artists at our iHeart80s party including Tears for Fears, Culture Club, Billy Idol, Loverboy, and Missing Persons. Rick, himself, is really looking forward to seeing Tears for Fears.

"I was a big fan of Tears for Fears. I think a lot of people are excited to see them, because they haven't been out for a long time. And sonically, especially, they were a great band. I really loved what they did with sound scape of the songs. I'm looking forward to that."

There's no doubt that the '80s were a totally awesome decade, even beyond the music. So we also asked Rick what he misses about the decade the most, and here's what he said:

1. Legwarmers 

"I do miss the leg warmers. They were kinda sexy, they were cute." 

2. The process of his song "Jessie's Girl" becoming a hit thanks to radio DJs

"I miss that element of music, where if you had a great pop song, it stood a chance. Now, it's a little more corporate. 'Jessie's Girl' was picked by the radio DJs. They heard the song, and liked it, and started spinning it. Phones started to light up, and they called my record company, and said, 'you should release this song.' And my record company went, 'duh, OK.' So they did. And thank God for the DJs ... which I don't think they can do now. They can't go, 'You know, I'll play this song,' because the list is so tight. They get tight playlists and that's it. So 'Jessie's Girl' wouldn't have been picked now, but because of the DJs it was a hit. I miss that."

3. The freedom of ... getting busy.

"It was one of the few decades when you couldn't die from having sex. It was after the invention of Penicillin, and before the onset of AIDS. And I lived through that. And it was AWESOME."

Watch Rick Springfield talk more '80s above!