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The United States Senate will deliberate Friday on the massive “cromnibus” spending bill to fund the federal government through September 2015 as the activist wings of both major parties railed against the bill’s passage in the House.

Outgoing Democratic Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid said at 10 p.m. Thursday night that the Senate would take up the government funding bill Friday. Reid’s decision to hold off on the spending bill required passage of a short-term continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown.

The $1.1 trillion spending bill, rolled out Tuesday, is a lightning rod on the right for funding President Obama’s executive amnesty and on the left for increasing campaign contribution limits.

The House of Representatives passed the $1.1 trillion spending bill with a pivotal vote just clearing the 218 threshold shortly after 9:30 PM on Thursday night to send it on to the Senate.

67 House Republicans voted “Nay.” Most Democrats also opposed the bill, but 57 of 201 House Democrats crossed the aisle to vote “Yay.” 10 congressmen abstained from voting.

Conservatives and liberals in Washington, D.C. blasted the House efforts.

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