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Glass John, one of the writers who's been working on Rihanna's Anti album, says that it would be out by now if her man didn't keep messing with the tunes.

John, who says he wrote a track called "Kiss It Better," tweeted that Travis Scott is "wasting valuable studio time trying to come up with a song that can top it and he cannot because it's the best damn song. The album would've been out on Christmas. If Travis hadn't convinced Rihanna that wasn't good enough. What has he produced to say this!!?!!"

He went on to say that Scott is pressing RiRi to release "an all trap hood ghetto album" instead of something that showcases her stylistic range. Anti was supposed to drop back in November, but is off the release schedule altogether at this point, which means it could come out any time.

Photo: YouTube/Rihanna