Robert Durst Arrested in New Orleans

New York real estate heir Robert Durst will likely be facing murder charges after pleading guilty today to illegally possessing a gun.  Durst was apprehended by the FBI last year in New Orleans when agents thought he might be ready to flee the country. 

Durst was found with a gun he's not allowed to possess as a felon.  Durst is suspected of killing his friend Susan Berman in 2000, possibly because she knew too much about the mysterious 1982 disappearance of Durst's first wife.  Berman helped give Durst an alibi at the time.  

Durst will be sentenced to 85 months in prison for the gun charge.  Prosecutors in California have until August to arraign Durst on the murder charge.  The Berman investigation was given a second look after Durst appeared to admit the murder in a documentary film on HBO. 

Photo: Getty Images