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Roger Waters says Pink Floyd is part of his past.  The rocker is clarifying his status with the band in a Facebook note, which he says was prompted by questions about his "new album" coming out next month. 

Roger says he's not releasing any music, and those who are asking are "probably confused."  He explains that David Gilmour and Nick Mason "constitute the group Pink Floyd," whose new CD The Endless River will arrive November 10th, while he is "not part of Pink Floyd." 

Waters reminds fans that he "left Pink Floyd in 1985," and over the past 29 years has "had nothing to do with" any of the band's albums or tours - including the group's upcoming release.  He also shares some exasperation over the matter, adding, "this is not rocket science people, get a grip." 

Waters has only done one thing with Pink Floyd since his departure nearly three decades ago.  In 2005 he joined his former bandmates for a one-off performance in London as part of the Live 8 global event to bring awareness to world poverty. 

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