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Sammy Hagar is going unplugged for his birthday.  The Red Rocker has announced details for his first-ever acoustic album, Lite Roast. He says it's a "very live, very personal" project, just featuring him and the Waboritas' guitarist Vic Johnson. 

The eleven-track set features remakes of songs from Hagar's catalog.  He's including songs from his Waboritas albums Red Voodoo, Ten 13, and Livin' It Up!; the solo discs I Never Said Goodbye and Marching To Mars; and even a couple of Van Halen tunes. Sammy adds that he thinks his "hardcore fans are really going to love it." 

Hagar's Lite Roast will be available on October 14th - one day after his 67th birthday. 

Sammy Hagar's Lite Roast track list 

1. Red Voodoo (from Red Voodoo
2. One Sip (from Livin' It Up!
3. Finish What Ya Started (from Van Halen's OU812
4. Eagles Fly (from I Never Said Goodbye
5. The Love (from Red Voodoo
6. Father Son (from Sammy Hagar & Friends
7. Dreams (from Van Halen's 5150
8. Deeper Kinda Love (from Ten 13
9. Who Has The Right (from Marching To Mars
10. Sailin' (from Livin' It Up!
11. Halfway To Memphis (from Livin' It Up!

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