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From one of Holland's rising talents, the guy that helped bring us one of the most epic songs in dance music over the last year, comes a brand new EP from Sandro Silva, Let Go Tonight. The young Dutch producer's new upcoming release features three tracks and will be released December 11th on Ultra Music. One of the tracks "Libra" is already available on Beatport.

Each of the EP's songs are completely contrary to one another, and showcases three different sides of Sandro as a producer. Let Go Tonight starts off with his most recent release, "Libra," a softer, more uplifting track with the beautiful sounds of the piano. Next, Sandro shows us his talents in songwriting with a vocal track featuring Jack Miz, called "Let Go Tonight" - the EP's title track. "Let Go Tonight" possesses an alluring hook paired with Jack's endearing lyrics. Last, but not least, is "Thug," which yields a hard-hitting, electro sound, one that we're more used to from Sandro, especially from his collab with Quintino, "Epic." 

Check out previews of all three tracks from Sandro Silva's upcoming EP.