A school district in Washington state has taken a decisive step to protect the “emotional safety” of its children by banning them from playing tag.

Mercer Island School District, located in the suburbs of Seattle, says a game of children running after one another is simply too dangerous to their fragile physical and emotional states, and needed to be eliminated.

“The Mercer Island School District and school teams have recently revisited expectations for student behavior to address student safety,” the district said in a statement to local news station Q13Fox. “This means while at play, especially during recess and unstructured time, students are expected to keep their hands to themselves. The rationale behind this is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.” It’s not clear what the school means about protecting emotional safety, though in the past tag has been criticized for offering opportunities to bully slower students who are more easily tagged.

Parents told Q13 that they weren’t consulted before the ban was made, and a lot aren’t happy.

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