Do not — do not — cross America’s media-savvy grandmothers. America’s schoolteachers continue to learn this valuable important lesson.

On Friday, a teacher at Edison Elementary School in Tacoma, Wash. learned the hard way when she told a five-year-old girl she was not allowed to wear her Denver Broncos cheerleading uniform school, reports Denver Fox affiliate KDVR.

The kindergarten girl, Zyliah, wore the adorable Broncos cheerleading garb to school on “Blue Friday” — a day on which students are encouraged to wear clothing signifying their favorite sports teams.

According to Allen, the teacher — a fan of the winless, 0-2 Seahawks — told Zyliah that Broncos gear is verboten on “Blue Friday.”

“Her teacher happens to be an avid Seahawks fan so she called her aside and told her that she was not allowed to wear her Broncos dress, that if she didn’t have a Seahawk shirt she had to wear her uniform,” Allen told Seattle Fox affiliate KCPQ.

The little girl was crushed.

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