Planned Parenthood defendants refer to the videos released by The Center for Medical Progress as “highly” edited, but Planned Parenthood’s own analysis found the videos were not substantively manipulated, and a second analysis commissioned by a conservative non-profit found the same.

Alliance Defending Freedom hired tech firm Coalfire Systems to perform a forensic analysis of the undercover videos, in order to disprove claims they were “highly edited.” Planned Parenthood doctors discuss harvesting and selling aborted fetuses to researchers in the footage.

“Coalfire’s analysis of the recorded media files contained on the flash drive indicates that the video recordings are authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or editing,” the report released Tuesday states. (RELATED: Key Points From First Nine Planned Parenthood Videos)

The analysts found the footage left out of the full-length videos was removed intentionally, because it was not pertinent, and consists primarily of bathroom breaks, commuting or waiting time.

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