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24/7 News: News Update

Embattled Secret Service Director Julia Pierson is out.  Pierson submitted her resignation to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.  Pierson has been under fire for a series of security breaches involving President Obama and the White House. 

Joseph Clancy, a retired Secret Service official, has agreed to become interim acting director of the Secret Service.  A fence-jumper with a knife recently got into the Executive Mansion of the White House.  President Obama and his family were not at the White House at the time.  

Meantime, the "Washington Post" reported that the President recently shared an elevator with a gun-toting security contractor in Atlanta.  The contractor also has a criminal record.  Secret Service agents only later discovered that the man had a gun and a record.  Questions have also been raised about the Secret Service's slow response to a 2011 incident when a gunman fired several shots at the White House.