selena gomez

There comes a time in every pop star's career when they must break the mold and that moment has come for Selena Gomez. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the pop darling compared her upcoming Revival LP to Christina Aguilera's career-defining Stripped.

"I grew up with Britney and *NSYNC and Janet and all those people," Selena told the outlet. "I would buy the copy, read the thank yous, and I felt like I knew them. Christina’s Stripped was one of my favorites. What I loved about Revival is that it felt like there was a fluid story."

It remains to be seen if Revival, which drops on October 11, will have the same impact that 2002’s Stripped had for Xtina, who took complete control of her artistry, body and image during that time. The second single from Selena’s LP titled "Same Old Love" is expected to drop in the coming weeks.

Photo: Getty Images