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UPDATE: The NFL has suspended Ray Rice indefinitely and he has been released by the Ravens

(Yahoo!) WARNING: The video below is disturbing and features an act of domestic violence

TMZ released disturbing new footage Monday morning of Ray Rice punching his wife in an Atlantic City elevator, sparking a new round of outrage over the league's decision to suspend him for just two games. 

The new clip shows the actual February 15 confrontation between the Baltimore Ravens running back and his then-fiancée. After entering the elevator in what looks like an argument, Ray Rice initiates contact. Janay Rice reacts physically, only to be hit with a devastating punch that leaves her unconcious. Rice then drags her limp body out of the elevator, which is where the previously released footage picks up. 

Ray and Janay Rice were both arrested on simple assault charges and released. Ray Rice could have his charges dropped if he completes a diversion program. Janay Rice's charges were dropped.

Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL received so much criticism for Rice's slap-on-the-wrist two-game suspension that he later announced more stringent league penalties for domestic violence. 

This new footage, however, shows the public just how brutal the attack was — and just how insufficient Rice's penalty was. A Revel Casino employee tells TMZ that the league watched the tape of the incident and it seems hard to believe that Goodell or the Baltimore Ravens could not have seen the footage before levying the suspension. 

Retired linebacker London Fletcher summed up the prevalent attitude on Monday morning: 

Goodell now has a lot more questions he'll have to answer. The league may have hoped this story was in the past, but it's now very much a part of its future as we wait for a response. 

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