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Sixx: A.M. is gearing up to release their new album Modern Vintage on October 7th, and fans can pre-order the album right now on But the great news for anxious fans waiting for the album to drop is that they can automatically download a few songs ahead of the album's release when they pre-order Modern Vintage online, including "Gotta Get It Right," "Stars," "Let's Go," and "Drive."

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Modern Vintage was inspired by artists and albums that have influenced the band's songwriting over the years including bands like Queen, E.L.O., Thin Lizzy, the Bee Gee's, David Bowie, and Elton John.

The band wants fans to be taken on a musical journey when they listen to Modern Vintage, with variations of style from one song to the next. The band says, "We've noticed over the years that the definition of 'Rock' music has gotten so narrow that many styles are being excluded from it. We felt that it was important to make a record that was very 'inclusive' and celebrated many different 'genres' of 'Rock.'"