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David Bowie was a man with a major interest in some out of this world fantasy. We already have Labyrinth to prove it. However, it sounds like the late icon would have also had a role in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings franchise if he had it his way.

Dominic Monaghan, who played hobbit Merry in the trilogy, sat down with The Huffington Post and revealed that he actually came face-to-face with the late icon during his own casting audition in London. "When it ended I went over and talked to John Hubbard, who was running the audition, and he said, 'Hey, it went really well. You should wait around for 5 or 10 mins. We'll give you some feedback.'"

Monaghan took to the reception office and was surprised to see the music staple walk in, sign his name and head straight to the audition room.

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"I'm assuming he read for Gandalf. I can't think of anything else he would've read for," the actor explained. "He may have read for something else, but I'm a huge David Bowie fan, and I was lucky enough to know his son now, so just seeing him in person was pretty special to me."

Rumors of Bowie's interest in the film have been making the rounds since the first installment was released in 2001. Even though reports indicate that he was interested in playing Elrond, the elf lord of Rivendell, Jackson revealed at the time that the aura around the superstar was too distracting.

"These are famous, famous characters, loved for nearly 50 years," he said. "To have a famous, beloved character and a famous star colliding is slightly uncomfortable."


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