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Even though David Bowie passed away last Sunday (January 10), the tributes are still pouring in, including one yearning effort to rename Mars after the late icon. Yup, we're talking about the actual freakin' planet.

 Thanks to London-based visual artist and composer Danny Rapscallion, the Change.org petition has already received more than 6,400 signatures (for its 7,500 goal) to rename the planet after Bowie.

"Essentially David Bowie has inspired millions through his art and music particularly spotlighting his fascination with space, the planets & extra terrestrial existence. The magnitude of his influence and like-minded space headed followers and fans over the decades has brought to the fore all of the above," the petition reads. "He has delivered to us accolades and art like no other. The biggest accolade we can give back to this great man and in his memory - Rename planet Mars after him. If you agree then sign this petition and share.

Rapscallion understands that making this a reality might be a tough feat if the petition actually does score its signature goal, but that isn't going to stop him from hoping. "I think chances unfortunately are slim, due to the grand nature of the change," he admitted. "But I still have a fantastical and romantic belief behind it. […] The ultimate is that it succeeds, of course, for the sake of its proprietor — Mr. Bowie."

It's not the only petition to honor the icon. There are also petitions to urge a Bowie museum, a Bowie-themed £20 banknote in the U.K, special edition postage stamp, inclusion in "World of Warcraft" and even -- get ready for it -- a petition for God to reject his death

If you want to join the movement, make sure you sign the petition right here.

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