(NEWSER) – One in 2,500 moms gives birth after a "cryptic" pregnancy or "denial in pregnancy," and a Canadian woman can now count herself among their number after a Calgary-to-Tokyo flight ended in the birth of her surprise baby girl, reports the CBC. Ada Guan, 23, was flying to Japan on Air Canada when she got moved to first class "somewhere over Russia," as the CBC puts it, because of incredible stomach pains. Boyfriend Wesley Branch comforted her as her contractions became stronger, until what was going on suddenly hit, both metaphorically and literally.

"She said, 'Babe, something just fell out of me, can you check?'" Branch recalls. "And I checked, and I seen this little baby head, I was shocked, and I passed out, and I got back up, and I said, 'We have a kid. I can't believe we have a kid.'"

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