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Sony Announces New $1,100 Walkman 

Sony is bringing back the Walkman, and it's going to cost over eleven-hundred dollars.  Sony announced the Walkman ZX Two at CES in Las Vegas this week.  The device can access apps through Google Play, but Sony says it's not meant to compete with smartphones.  The new Walkman uses higher quality audio files to produce more like-life sound.  The company is calling the new device "the fruit of continuous refinement in high audio quality technologies." 

Fitness Technology Big At CES

Fitness technology is expected to be a big hit at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Jim Brown with CES says headphones that track fitness stats are one of the hot items. 

Brown adds that fitness products brought in over one-billion-dollars in sales at last year's CES, but that number is expected to be bigger this time around.  Items like FitBit and Smart Watches that help track steps are also expected to be big sellers. 

Driverless Cars Among CES Highlights

Driverless vehicles are in the spotlight at the International Consumer Electronics Show. editor-at-large Lance Ulanoff described what it was like to cruise the streets of Las Vegas in Audi's new driverless SUV. 

Mercedes-Benz's Luxury in Motion concept vehicle monitors road conditions and traffic with sensors and an onboard computer.  A number of other automakers are also showcasing their latest onboard entertainment and communication devices.  CES gets underway today in Las Vegas and runs through Friday.  

Smart Homes, "Internet Of Things" Highlight Consumer Electronics Show 

"Smart Homes" and the "Internet of Things" will get a lot of attention at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show.  A lot of companies, including heavyweights Honeywell, ADT, and Samsung will be showing off home automation, or smart home, products at the show that begins Tuesday in Las Vegas.  The Internet of Things refers to products that are connected to the web and it represents a breathtakingly huge market.  The worldwide market totaled just under two-trillion dollars in 2013 and industry analysts estimate it will soar above seven-trillion in the next five years.  

Other products the 3500 vendors will showcase include enhanced wearable devices, 3D printers that are more consumer friendly, drones, and better virtual reality headsets.  The International consumer Electronics Show runs from Tuesday through Friday.