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"South Park" is taking its Lorde story line to another level.  Following another episode centered on the 17-year-old pop singer, the Comedy Central show has released a full version of its song "I Am Lorde." 

The show reportedly enlisted Sia Furler to record the parody, although the singer hasn't confirmed her involvement.  The song's official title is "Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday)," and is available to download for free through a link on "South Park's" official Twitter page. 

In the latest episodes, Stan's dad Randy has been dressing up in drag as Lorde to go undercover in various situations.  Apparently the joke was created to poke fun at last year's rumors about the pop star lying about her real age.  Lorde doesn't seem to have a problem being spoofed by the show, and even sang a bit of the "I Am Lorde" tune in a recent interview. 

Photo: Getty Images