Mariah Carey, Queen of absolutely everything Christmas related, strikes again this holiday season with her very own Hallmark TV movie and concert special, and there's absolutely no reason for you to miss all the Saturday night (December 19) action. 

It all begins at 8 p.m. EST with A Christmas Melody, directed by and starring Mariah, naturally. In the film, MC plays a former high school mean girl/PTA queen bee named Melissa, who gives her former nemesis Kristin Frank (played by Lacy Chabert) a hard time after moving back to her hometown in Ohio because of the shutdown of her New York City clothing boutique. It's basically like the adult version of "Mean Girls" with a whole Parent-Teacher Association spin. Sounds like everything we could have ever asked for and more. 

After the two-hour film, Mimi will continue her Hallmark takeover with "Mariah Carey's Merriest Christmas," which will fill your insatiable appetite for Mariah Carey Christmas tunes. The hour-long TV special will also include a duet with Babyface, an unforgettable reading of "The Night Before Christmas" by Kelsey Grammar and commentary from the cast members of "A Christmas Melody."

You know what this means, right? There's basically no better way for you to spend your Saturday night. In the words of the Legendary Mimi, "Get festive!"

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Photo: Instagram/MariahCarey