Marc Roberge, Cody Simpson

The 2015 Special Olympics are right around the corner. At the end of July, 6,500 athletes and 2,000 coaches representing 165 countries will be competing in Los Angeles.

In support of the upcoming Games, O.A.R.'s Marc Roberge and Cody Simpson teamed up, with the help of Coca Cola, to create "Reach Up" along with two very talented young ladies: 17-year-old Breanna Bogucki (a Special Olympics athlete & singer) and 13-year-old Madison Tevlin (who you may recognize from her amazing viral YouTube cover of John Legend's "All Of Me").

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"Reach Up" is re-worked from O.A.R.'s "Two Hands Up," and as Marc tells iHeartRadio of the track, "I just want folks to look at this as a music video, as a song. Not a song for Special Olympics, not a song with folks with disabilities, just a song." 

Similarly, Cody tells us that he had an amazing time working on "Reach Up" and getting to know Breanna and Madison. He tells iHeartRadio

"To able to collaborate creatively on something that was in favor of shedding light upon something so amazing, something that brings so much joy to so many people, it was unreal. And to be able to get to know Breanna and Madison along the way, it's just sort of opened up my world a little more. It's been awesome." 

Check out what else Marc, Cody, Breanna, and Madison had to say about working together and "Reach Up" below:

To help the group get ready for the largest sports and humanitarian event anywhere in the world in 2015, Cody and Marc teamed up against Breanna and Madison during a game of what we like to call "Musical Pictionary." 

Watch Marc, Cody, Breanna, and Madison play "Musical Pictionary" below!

Marc Roberge, Breanna Bogucki

To support Special Olympics share the "Reach Up" music video (below) using the hashtag #ReachUp, and Coca-Cola will donate one dollar -- up to $100,000 -- to Special Olympics for every share leading up to the World Games.

For more info on Special Olympics or to donate head to

Watch Marc, Cody, Breanna, and Madison in action in the "Reach Up" music video below!

Cody Simpson, Mardison Tevlin

Photos: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio