(NEWSER)   – Both Starbucks and Amazon are in the news for recent changes—and not necessarily good ones:

Starbucks is changing its rewards program in a fashion that hurts people who don't spend much per visit. Right now, loyalty program members earn a free food item or beverage after earning 12 stars, and one star is earned per transaction (so you can buy a $2 coffee each time and only spend about $24 to earn a freebie), the AP reports.

But come April, members will need 125 stars to earn a free item, and will earn two stars for every dollar spent (which means, no matter what, members will have to spend $62.50 to get a freebie). CNNMoney and the New York Daily News are rounding up reactions from unhappy customers: "@Starbucks crowing 'you'll earn stars faster!'" reads one tweet, "but you'll need more than 10x the stars to get a freebie. That's inflation, not incentive." Read Starbucks' take on the change here.

Meanwhile, anyone not a member of Amazon Prime will now have to spend $49 in order to get free shipping on Amazon, the AP reports. Previously, the threshold for free shipping was $35 for non-Prime members. 

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