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UPDATE: The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that the government has the power to force 'Cassandra' to undergo chemotherapy. They rejected the 'mature minor doctrine'. 

Original Story

The state of Connecticut is forcing a teenage girl to receive chemotherapy.  The 17-year-old, identified only as "Cassandra," was diagnosed with cancer in September, but her mom told the "Hartford Courant" she's supporting her daughter's decision to refuse treatment. 

Jackie Fortin says the state ordered her to cooperate with prescribed medical care in November, but Cassandra ran away from home after two chemo treatments.  Now the state has full custody of the girl and is making her undergo cancer treatments, while the mother is suing the state on the grounds it cannot force chemotherapy over their objections.  The case will be heard Thursday at the Connecticut Supreme Court.  Until then, the teen must remain at a local hospital to continue treatment.  A lawyer for the mother says the case is unprecedented.  

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