Women Attend Marine Boot Camp At Parris Island, South Carolina


(NEWSER) – Some of the results from a Marine Corps study of an experimental gender-integrated unit were released last month, and they were less than flattering in many cases: Women service members were found to be injured more than men, all-male units were found to have more accurate shooting scores, and all-male units performed better than mixed units when it came to getting around obstacles and evacuating casualties, the Los Angeles Times reported.

But a retired female Army colonel and an author of a book on military gender integration who obtained 380 pages of research from the study and offered them to the Washington Post say the study is "inherently flawed"; that the "limited information" released hid study design problems, a small volunteer pool, and overgeneralizations; and that better measures, such as physical screenings before entering the integrated unit, "would have all but eliminated the rates of injury for women," per their online essay posted Wednesday.

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