Denver Broncos v Cleveland Browns

(WIOD) The game plans for the Broncos and Panthers are still being drawn up but we do know how the teams will look in Super Bowl 50, and at least one of the squads thinks it could impact the outcome of the contest.

Denver has not had any luck wearing their primary orange colors in past Super Bowls, including two years ago when they lost to Seattle 43-8, so the Broncos have decided to go with their white uniform tops. That was the fourth time Denver wore orange in the Big Game, all blow out losses with the Broncos outscored by a combined total of 167-38 in losses to the Cowboys, Redskins and 49ers before the rout by the Seahawks.

The Broncos have worn white in the Super Bowl twice before, losing to the Giants and later beating the Falcons. In 1997, Denver overhauled their uniforms to feature a navy blue top, which they wore in Super Bowl XXXII when they beat the Packers. In 2012, the team reverted back to orange as the primary uniform color.

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Photo: Getty Images