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Kim Kardashian's title as the most followed person on Instagram is no longer, all thanks to someone you might have heard of named Taylor Swift

Less than a month after Kim snagged the title away from Beyoncé, America's Sweetheart has officially become the new queen of filters, hashtags and all things Insta. At time of press, the pop titan had about 45.7 million followers, compared to Kim's batch of 45.6 million.

In honor of Taylor's brand-new accolade, iHeartRadio has rounded up some of her best posts in the last month that likely pushed the pop star passed Kim K in the ranking. Take a look below!

1. That time we liked a photo of a stressed Olivia Benson.

You seem stressed.

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2. That time she made 6th Harmony a real life thing.

So stoked this pic exists because this was SO MUCH FUN @FifthHarmony

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3. That time she joined Selena Gomez for her debut performance of "Good For You."

Sisterhood. @selenagomez #1989TourLA

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4. That time her fan-made sweater game was on point.


5. That time that she made us jealous AF with the flowers that Kanye West sent her.

Awwww Kanye sent me the coolest flowers!! #KanTay2020 #BFFs

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