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Being the ANGEL GODDESS that she is, Taylor Swift came to one of her loyal Swiftie's rescue when she was heartbroken over a recent break-up.

A fan named Kasey wrote to Taylor on Tumblr, and explained how her boyfriend had broken up her with via text message (seriously, guy?) ... without any reason what so ever. Kasey reached out to T-Swift for advice, and what she got back was more than a few pearls of wisdom.

Taylor wrote Kasey back some really great advice AND a six song Breakup Playlist to help her get through her heartbreak. 

Check out the Tumblr exchange below:

Check out Taylor Swift's six song Breakup Playlist below:

1. Charli XCX - "Stay Away"

2. Montgomery - "Not Around"

3. HAERTS - "Wings"

4. MisterWives - "Coffins"

5. Azure Ray - "Sleep"

6. Measure - "Begin Again"

And if you still need more breakup music after listening to Taylor's picks, check out iHeartRadio's HeartBreak Radio station:

Also, there's always cake.

Photos: Getty Images, YouTube