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Taylor Swift loves "Law & Order: SVU" so much that she might actually make a cameo on the show. That's right. Tay Tay's obsession with the fictional investigator Olivia Benson is about to hit a new high.
"SVU" star Mariska Hargitay, who appeared as Justice in the singer's video for "Bad Blood" and on her 1989 World Tour, recently chatted with ET Online and revealed the major news. While the twosome "just talked" about a potential guest cameo on the long-running NBC series, a decision won't be made "until the end of the tour to see how it goes. But it’s in the air."
justice bad blood
As you already know, Tay loves herself some "SVU," and her feline BFF Olivia Benson is living proof of that. Mariska is pushing to bring the idea to life, but if it doesn't fall through, she might just buy a cat because Taylor Swift and cats are pretty synonymous. "The squad room needs to get a cat or I need to get a cat and name it Taylor," she joked. 

We still have a few more months to see if this materializes since Taylor's 1989 World Tour wraps up in mid-December in Australia, but we have our fingers crossed.

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